Range FAQs

No. If you arrive at the range when the firing line is cold, you may carry a securely cased or unloaded, action open firearm to the firing line and set it on the bench, but you must not open the case or handle the firearm until the Range Officer has declared the range HOT.

Shooting at a 50-foot target on our rifle range is not practical. In order to meet the “all bullets must strike berm” rule, the target would have to be raised up extremely high off the ground. To shoot a rifle at such short distances, use the pistol ranges. You can shoot a rim fire rifle on either pistol range (left pistol range recommended). 50-foot targets are not intended for use with center fire rifles.

Plastic water bottles are acceptable as targets provided that they are positioned so that all bullets strike the berm and the shooter removes any debris from the range. Glass bottles are not permitted since they can produce dangerous shrapnel and debris.

No. When you bring guests, you are responsible for their actions. This means you must remain with them at all times. If a Range Safety Officer or member of the Executive Committee observes that your guests are not under your control, you will all be required to leave the range, and you may lose your club privileges.