NRA Approved Small Bore Rifle Silhouette

Match Schedule and Program

Dates: Matches are held on the second Saturday of each month. See calendar for exact dates.

Sponsor: Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club (you do not have to be a club member to participate)

Location: Club Outdoor Range near New Holland, SC

Entry Fee: $10 for two matches, these fees will be collected at the range prior to the match.

The range will open for practice at 10:00 and the first match will begin promptly at 11:00. If you would like to assist in the setup, please come to the range about 9:00.

All current NRA Silhouette rules apply. The use of hearing and vision protection is required for all shooters and spectators.

The course of fire will consist of 40 targets with the standard rifle, a 30-minute break, and 40 targets with the hunting rifle: 10 chickens at 40 meters, 10 pigs at 60 meters, 10 turkeys at 77 meters, and 10 rams at 100 meters with each rifle.

Awards: Match Winner and Class Winner receive awards. There must be at least 3 competitors in each class before an award will be given in that class. If there are not 3 competitors in a class they will compete in the next higher class. If there are 5 competitors in a class we will award a 1st and 2nd place, if there are 7 competitors in a class a 3rd place award will be given.

Juniors will compete in their regular class.