Range Reservations

The Left Pistol Range only may be reserved for group events (a fee may be charged, see below). Reservations will be identified on the web page calendar (red square in the date box). To make a reservation, contact the Secretary. Reservations should be made as early as possible. Eligibility to reserve the range and availability of requested dates/times are solely at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

All persons using the range must comply with ALL Club rules. The person serving as event organizer must make certain that all participants are aware of and understand the General Range Rules of the Savannah River Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. All non-members participating in the event must sign the Club’ standard Waiver of Liability form (parent or legal guardian must sign for minor participant).

Non-Profit Organizations: Church groups, scouting organizations, etc which do not charge any fee for event participation may be permitted to reserve the range for no cost at the discretion of the Executive Committee. A satisfactory safety plan must be presented to the Executive Committee before the use of the range is allowed. The Executive Committee may require that a Club-designated Range Safety Officer be present during the event.

Members: Club members who collect a fee from participants may reserve the range for up to four hours for a fee* of $10.00 per participant or for full days for $20.00 per participant. The sponsoring member must provide proof to the Executive Committee that they are qualified and/or certified to conduct the event. The sponsoring member should submit a list of student names following the event; students who join the Club within that calendar year will be entitled to a $10.00 discount on their first-year dues (the applicant must request the discount at the time of application).

Non-Members: Individuals or organizations who do not meet the Club’s criteria for non-profit charitable organizations may rent the range for a 4-hour block of time for a fee* of $150.00 or an 8-hour block for $275.00. The renting organization must show that the event will be conducted by qualified personnel, and provide a satisfactory safety plan prior to the event. The Club reserves the right to monitor the event and to terminate it without refund if it determines that the event is not being conducted in a safe manner in compliance with the Club’s General Range Rules.

* Fees are set by the Executive Committee and are subject to change.